Thursday, January 25, 2007

Kayak at Nakornnayok thailand

Kayak at Nakornnayok thailand

Rafting along Nakhon Nayok River
Originating from Khao Yai National Park, the Nakhon Nayok River branches out at Wang Takhrai Canal. Canoe rafting trips leave from Wang Ta Krai Canal (next to Wang Ta Krai Bridge) and proceeds along Nang Rong Canal to the Nakhon Nayok River. There are many exit points along the river bank such as at Ban dong, Kaeng Sam Chan, Wang Kutapha and Wang Yao. The distance for each section is 2-5 kilometers. The river is quite smooth without rapids, but may have many unexpected (but thrilling) twists and turns.
The canoeing routes as follows

Wang Takhrai Bridge - Sam Chan Rapids: distance - 3 kms.Wang Takhrai Bridge - Wang Kutapha: distance - 4 kms.Tha Dan Bridge - Sam Chan Rapids: distance - 3 kms.Tha Dan Bridge - Wang Kutapha: distance - 4.5 kms.Wang Takhrai Bridge - Wang Yao: distance - 6.5 kms.Tha Dan Bridge - Wang Yao: distance - 6.5 kms.
More complete and up-to-date information, regarding current prices and water (current) conditions, can be obtained from the TAT office in Nakhon Nayok tel: 037 312-282 and 312-284.

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